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Vitamin E oil as a major ingredient for stretch marks treatment

natural source of vitamin E for stretch marks

Natural Sources of Vitamin E

Vitamin E oil is one of the major ingredients used in the treatment of stretch marks and the roles it plays cannot be overlooked when it comes to getting rid of stretch marks. Avocado and nuts are the chief natural sources for vitamin E (it can also be obtained from supplements). This article will explain the practical effects of vitamin E on the skin and how it is useful with other ingredients for the purpose of treating and preventing stretch marks.

Vitamin E as an antioxidant to prevent stretch marks

The functions of vitamin E is not limited to the skin alone; for the skin, it is an antioxidant. Vitamin E oil can be applied topically on the skin. A skin that doesn’t have sufficient vitamin E will show signs of dryness and wrinkles. These symptoms are actually caused by a low level of collagen. Collagen and some other skin cells and fibers get depleted by free radicals present in the skin; these radicals usually combine with them to attain a stable state so they attain this state and consequently reduce the amount of collagen. It is actually vitamin E which is an antioxidant that neutralizes these free radicals to preserve collagen. Elastin, another skin pigment is also affected due to a low level of vitamin E in the skin in several cases.

Stretch marks result when the skin cannot cope with the changes that happen to it, such changes that usually result to stretch mark include weight gain and weight loss. Collagen and elastin keep the skin firm and fairly elastic and to be able to withstand such changes. when they are not available in the correct amount stretch marks can easily appear. When stretches and contractions as a result of rapid weight gain or weight loss occur more than the skin can cope, then microscopic tears begins to form within the epidermis. This in turn will continue until they are visible on the surface of the skin as pink or purple lines. The part of the body that are prone to stretch marks are the thighs, buttocks, tummy, behind the legs, the breasts, the arms and the chest-shoulder region while pregnant women and teenagers are the most vulnerable due to the sharp increase in weight during the period of pregnancy and the rapid changes that take place during puberty. Read more on how to prevent stretch marks during pregnacy.

How best to use vitamin E Oil to prevent stretch marks

An effective treatment for stretch marks besides fading the marks will keep the skin firm and fairly elastic. Such treatments make use of ingredients that will supply the skin with adequate collagen and elastin as well as vitamin E to actively neutralize free radicals. Blending vitamin E oil with the following ingredients for stretch will give the best result, these ingredients are

  • squalene oil
  • Grape fruit seed extract
  • Aloe vera (for existing stretch marks)

Can Vitamin E Oil work on its own to prevent stretch marks?

Vitamin E oil majorly acts as an anti-oxidant so it cannot be only on its own for the prevention and treatment of stretch marks. For the purpose of preventing stretch marks could depend on the natural sources of vitamin E and keep your body constantly hydrated. See tips for skin care. If you are expecting stretch marks especially during the pregnancy, would an effective stretch mark cream. Such stretch mark creams as Revitol can quickly help you supply all the needed ingredients to have stretch-marks-free skin.


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