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Bio Oil for Stretch Marks - Major Things to Know

bio oil for pregnancy stretch marks

The magic wonders of bio oil is not limited to fading scars and moisturizing the skin but it also reaches further for the fading of stretch marks. The big fact is that the oil is used for several skin remedies but it is most popular for its effects on stretch marks.

Whether with the use of bio oil or any other stretch mark cream, fading stretch marks can be a difficult thing to achieve especially for people who didn’t start the treatment on time; waiting for a longer time to start treatment for stretch marks is one of the most significant factors that influence difficulty in fading stretch marks. Stretch marks usually appear on the skin as purple or red marks during the early stage; it is during this time that it is easiest to fade. At a point when the appearance has changed to silver or a white color then it will be more difficult to fade. A number of stretch mark creams have challenges in fading such marks but the other things to note of when determining how long you would have to use a cream to fade stretch marks is the color and age of the marks. Some of the most effective creams will use up to 90 days to shows satisfactory results while less effective creams may never heal the marks. So it is important to choose a cream that have shown outstanding results in healing stretch marks. You need to understand that there are a number of creams out there in the market, even using a keyword such as “stretch mark creams” on a search engines will show a number of search results that will you to a confusing list of creams claiming some incredible things.

How Much Can Bio Oil Do?

Bio oil can fade stretch marks but it has its limits. Bio oil is best used to prevent stretch marks and least effective in healing old stretch marks. Striae (stretch marks) usually start as a result of rapid weight loss or gain which is the common causes that are well known, yet there are more to that. When weight is added or lost in a short time frame without the skin being able to support it it will result to tears within the dermis. A skin with reduced water content will find it difficult to suppress the development of stretch marks. The other thing that can easily leave the door open is an inadequate production of collagen and elastin which provide strength and elasticity for the skin. Bio oil works by replenishing the skin nutrients and properties in order to adapt to any change that might be experienced. Bio oil ingredients are long list of natural product. Some of these ingredients are responsible for enhancing the skin’s health. Bio oil can also fade new stretch marks but its biggest challenge lies in fading old stretch marks. More ingredients aside those in the list of bio oil are needed to fade old stretch marks.

Nevertheless, there are treatments that are effective for old stretch mark such as Revitol stretch mark cream. It will take a shorter time than usual to heal the skin compared to the time it takes other creams.

Yet the use of bio oil comes with an outstanding advantage in improving the skin’s condition. Generally, stretch mark creams help to keep the skin hydrated, a number of them will also help to improve the texture and tone, making it more beautiful; in this aspect bio oil will give more since it has more natural supplement for the skin.

If you are looking for an effective cure for stretch then it is best that you use the Revitol stretch mark cream or Dermology stretch mark prevention cream. They have the best ingredients to treat all cases of stretch mark, no side effects, complete cure, and produce results in a shorter time.


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Bio Oil for Stretch Marks - Major Things to Know